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Who should start the change? Blog# 5,6

Updated: Jul 18

Post#5 & 6 (Conclusion)

Why to change personally first?

We have been talking about personal change, and we must start by ourselves first.

We talked about the concept, the process, and steps to follow and do, to make this change and reach a satisfying personal point. Which will allow you to move forward or go higher in whatever you want or planning to have or gain.

Now we come to the question,

1-why personal change first?

We have been asking this question since day one.

2-Why I kept repeating the same questions more than once?

Now, this is my answer; I will start by answering the second question first, as it is shorter to know. To match how our brains works.

Repetition is the key. we notice what we have missed, we remember things, we pay more attention, we learn through repetition, in general repetition is the best way to learn, and remember things.

As Jim Kwik says” First you make your habits, and then your habits make you.”

(In general, it takes 21 days to make a habit, or to change one)

The number of repetitions that could be needed or used differ from person to another, it depends on your mastery level of the subject. How much you know about it? How good or how far did you reach, where are you from the saying?

And as I am not sure of who my audiences are, or the readers level, or knowledge about this subject, So I had to repeat them more than once.

second reason was, the new readers joining us, they do not miss it.

Going back to answer the first question, why personal change first?

If you really want to change others or change the world 🌍 you need to start by yourself, if you are leading the move, you are in front of the line, you must be capable of doing what you are saying, believing, and applying your thoughts, and words too.

You are taking full responsibilities and all consequences on your decisions, actions and believes.

You are fully aligned inside out in everything you say or do.

When you are fully aligned, your thoughts, your feelings, your talks, your acts, or behaviors, you are gathering your internal energy together, you are maximizing your energy in one direction, you are almost centered, you are getting stronger in all ways. Now it is easy for you to find which chakra level you are at? So, you can move to the next one up.

(Chakra is the word describing your internal energy level).

You have succeeded to save your wasted energy, that was divided in different directions.

Now you are one whole unit, one whole direction, that can make more, achieve more, accomplish more.

Now you can manage to Connect and Communicate with yourself internally, your mind, your thoughts, your heart, and your actions, all are speaking the same language in the same time and same direction.

Now you have done the first step in the path of Communication.

Then you follow learning to achieve the second step to Communicating with other people, then continue the way to the higher Connection, Communication, with the universe and by keep practicing more and more, by adding more good changes all the time in the right way and right direction, you can Connect and Communicate spiritually finally with God, Allah.

If this is one of your targets in life?

Now you have changed your lifestyle, you are experiencing the meaning of, quality life, you can live it and feel it in every step, in every way and every act.

Now, you would not accept the less, would not agree or do low or less.

Post# 6 Changing the surrounding,

When every person change himself or herself, working on themselves, to improve, develop, and move to the next level.

When you feel that whatever change you have made, is your new, imprinted nature and character, that you are living with all the time everywhere, which you are not making effort to apply it or even say it. Now it is your second nature, your new you.

You are in a better position now, everyone can take better decisions, they can make real good change if they are in the decision-making position, or they can change the whole strategy of the place they are working in, being a CEO, or being a business owner.

Or being behind the desk, or in front of a machine, or doing hand work that can change your country image and reputation, as you are producing high end quality products, or creating solution to chronic problems, anything, whatever you are doing, you are adding positive, useful, long-term benefits. You are adding real value, to everything and everyone around you and everything you touched, that started by you personally.

Moreover, we are making real change in every field and in every aspect, and every walk of life, education, trainings, health, food, farming, insurance, hiring, managing, promoting, clothing, medicine, all industries, you name it, all of them Simultaneously. All at the same time.

Then and only then you can feel the change, only then everyone can see and experience the change in all aspects of life and in all paths.

Ladies, and gentlemen, It is endless move, and endless change too, it is the whole life, starting by you, everyone in his place, everyone is in different place, or position that he or she can do, and he or she is capable of changing or applying some good changes.

We need to add more honesty, more morals, to our long term and short-term decisions, please please. We need to re route, we need to go back to applying our faith rules, our morals, and ethics in person and on us personally first in order to apply it to others or convince others to do it or to follow them.

They(others) need to change first then they can apply what you are asking them to do or follow.

By changing the individuals, you are actually changing so many places at the same time, places that you might not reach, people that might not agree or want to attend classes, or courses, or sessions. Or do not have access or can afford to finance paying to attend.

When you change the individuals, you are changing a whole group of people, people who interact with the new person, after experiencing the good feeling after being fully aligned and changed, you will want everyone around you to change too.

people who you will teach them how to change too, you are going to explain and walk with them step by step to do the same as you did before.

Help them in a very simple, short, clear, reasoning process.

This is how you can put one step or one foot in the path of changing the world or changing the surroundings around you at least.

It is a chain that we need to start and continue to add more circles to the existing length. It is long rough road, that needs unity, strength, patience, good morals, equal personalities, equal minds, same vision and purpose, determination, and a big deep faith.

To support your decisions, and help you stand for it, no matter what you faced, as long as you are all convinced that it is the absolute right to do. (There is an absolute right by the way, yes it exists)

We are aiming to the highest benchmark of morals, ethics, and faith.

(إن هذه تذكرة، فمن شاء اتخذ إلى ربه سبيلا)

This is a verse from the Quran, meaning, it is a reminder to those who want to have a connection with, and a path to God, to do or act upon.

God is Allah in Arabic.

All we can do is just keep reminding, give chance and opportunity to everyone to join and act.

Thanks, and Salam

August 15, 2022

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