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  • Noran Zahran

How Many Can your Hands Hold?

Two for two

2 for 2


What we mean by this title?

Two for two or 2 for 2?



You have two hands so you can only hold another two hands, one right and one left.

This is if you want to feel them, or connect with them, or pay all your attention to their talk, move, and their hearts too.


If there is more than two round you, then the problems will start to show or arise, all kinds of problems, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, and sometimes physically too.


What am I talking about? And what does this mean?


I am talking about parents and number of kids they bring to life or to the world.


Every kid wants to hold his mom’s hand all the time, also he wants to hold his dad’s hand all the time when he is around. They do not want to step down or get away for someone else even if it is a sibling.


Asking them to go away, it hurts them, it affects them, in all ways, it continues all the way as well all the time, meaning all their growing years, it affects their ability to learn, to love to be satisfied or even expressing their feelings and discussing their ideas and their dreams.

Each one wants to have all the time all the attention all the love and care he or she can get.


When you add to this scenario the working time for both parents nowadays, mom must go to work all the time almost everywhere in all levels of societies, driving time to work and back to homes. Shopping time, social media time which is killing the family life by all means and in all ways.

Add to all of the above, having more than two kids in a family.


Think about it honestly and seriously too, analyze how is the family life nowadays? How is the process of raising kids going on nowadays? How do parents see it or evaluate it? What kind of quality personalities are made? How many of them do exists?


I want each and every one who reads these words to stop and look around him, think, evaluate, then answer honestly  these questions above.


Why are we having so many problems everywhere, at every place, every country, every culture, and in every religion or belief?


One major part of the short answer is having more than two kids in every family.

This is the beginning of the viscous circle that we all revolve in even if we have only two kids of our own in our family.

But the problem does not stop at our end only, because we live in a big circle that everything rotates before coming back to affect us indirectly, even if we were not the ones who started it.


Population is increasing madly everywhere now, no exceptions, there is no even clear purpose of doing it, except for having fun, satisfying a pleasure, and practice controlling and power, this is the case most of the time worldwide by the way.


Think about it, analyze it, and look closely to all cases around you, or maybe you could be one of them, so you need to face your inner self honestly.


Everyone should ask the question, what is the gain? What is the real purpose of having more kids?

As parents you should have been felt the satisfaction of having a family and having kids after the second kid.


It is not forbidden by any religion, all the sayings about do not kill a soul, is not true by the way. Why?

Because killing a soul means it must exist and be out for life, being a live, right?

You can’t pronounce a person dead until his soul goes away, even if all his organs stopped working and you are putting the body to work on machines, like what is going in hospitals now globally.


Nothing out there is saying do not control, neither saying have more kids as an order to follow and obey. It is just a human desire to have more and increase what each individual has, like money, food, wealth, women, power, authority, etc.


Everyone is ignoring the main purpose and the main idea behind it (having kids), which is maintaining the human race.

Considering or paying more attention about the quality of those humans, are more important too.


All beliefs urge parents to take good care of their kids, to raise them well, educate them, teach them all good manners, all their religion rules and regulations, make them pray and warship the only creator who created the whole world around us, all things, everything you can see or imagine, including humans.


Parenting nowadays is focusing only on providing food, and high-end staff and brands, most of the time for so many as well.


Kids have the right to grow and be raised in normal family atmosphere, a father, and a mother, with one sibling, loving caring family, not a single mom or a single dad, or two people of the same gender. All this is wrong acting too, that we need to stop and act on it to make a change back to normality.


All parents are going to be judged on how they raised their kids, they are going to be held accountable on their acts and their behaviors. It is a chain that we are living in or through it, one end we are on the kids’ side, then some will become at the parent’s side on the other end, not everyone will have this pleasure nowadays unfortunately, being a real parent.


There is rules and regulations for each type of this relation through the years, and at the end, if you are a believer in the day of judgment, if you are believing in the eternal life, and that we are going to be evaluated and judged, if you believe that there is a reward and punishments, if you believe that there is heaven and hill, then there is a problem here and an issue that we have to address as quickly as we can and fix it as much as we can too.



This is the pure truth. If you are not a believer, then it is your call to bare the consequences alone, but there is a little advise that you might consider or take into account, which is, it might be true and all of the above will happen, even with a 50% chance, or even let us say only 5%, and that 5% is the only true answer and pure reality. What if, is a question you need to consider seriously?


What are you going to do at this point or at this situation? Would you like or want to live eternally in a bad place? Or you would rather live in a good place? Again, it is your call.

I am just saying apply the probability rule that you apply now in everything in this life.

 just say what if?



What I am trying to say here is everything started with having more kids that we can’t afford raising properly or satisfying all their needs in a good way.


We need to start a campaign under this title with all languages, in all places and all countries.

It is going to be a campaign to urge and support this idea, every two parents, every man and women who got married, and only after real good proper marriage, get only two kids and be satisfied with them, do not try to bring more to change the gender or hoping to have the opposite gender next time. Two trials are enough. No kids outside marriage at all under any circumstances or any situation.


Why are we doing this?


There are so many things related to this subject, so many beneficiaries from this status that we all face and suffer from right now.

There are so many benefits for certain people who are gaining the results of this idea of having more kids and promoting for it by all means and in all ways.


It must be 2 for 2, not two for one as China did before, this was wrong calculations which they have realized and are trying to stop now or change it. As it misses with the population and gender balance.


Any ways hope I managed to make my point clear, ranged the bell to awake some of you who can still do something about it if they can, either spreading the word, or the idea, or explaining the damages and the consequences of keeping this going, the current behaviors with the same ideology and same pattern of handling it. If you are aware of all this, please make sure to explain it to others who do not know it.


The discussion goes far and deep, unfortunately not everyone can understand this or see the whole picture and read the results, either the short term or the long term.


But let us try to bring this subject to the surface always, open the discussion, open the talk, to explain, have debates, show examples, read more and deep into the core of this problem and how it started and the progress of it, where it is going to end and how.


Why it is one of the major problems that we need to act seriously and honestly on it. Can’t be ignored or hide more or longer than this, locally, globally, and everywhere too.


At least to avoid or prevent the human depopulation, in all the ways that is presented, those hidden ideas made by other cruel people who are called or considered as humans.

They do not hesitate to do whatever it takes to do what they want to reach or accomplish to serve their long-term plans.


Or seeing one gender is increasing or dominating in birth by numbers. Is it coincidence or it is planned? A question that we must think about it, read more and know more.

What will it look like in 20 years, how we are going to deal with it or how we are going to handle it?


You will discover more topics and more questions to ask, when you start reading, searching, and being concerned with this critical topic.


It is important as all other topics we are concentrating on like global warming, food sufficiency, energy resources, water supply, and all of the rest subjects.


We need to understand the plain right truth behind it all.

Everyone should be concerned and should share in the solution to this growing problem. Everyone should do his part and take a place in acting into it, even with just spreading the right understanding or being aware of the problem itself.


You can have all the fun you want in the intimacy relationship within the marriage shape, but it does not have to leave behind too many kids, to make their life and your life harder than it is now. They are two separate issues by the way.


Intimacy has nothing to do with having unwanted kids.


Noran Zahran

May 03,2024


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