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What does it mean?


Unity is a noun from the verb unite, meaning gathering the same units or similar objects, subjects, groups, ideas, beliefs, people in one place.


 We have the noun, adjective, adverb, of similar words or verbs, but at the end they are words.


Using the right word, in the right place, right timing, you can make a point, or gain a success.

The whole impact is coming from or driven from using and repeating the right words.


Words needs to be simple, short, precise, to the point, and clear too.


The more you can do this or use this or achieve it, the more success you can gain or reach your point.


So, this is for all people who are working on making a change, real change, those who really cares and trying to make a real impact.


We need to use the same terminology, same simple words, follow the same way or same path, deliver the same message.


It is like repeating the same song over and over, repeating the same advertisement over and over, again and again.


The target or the goal is to increase the numbers of the followers, gather more people to walk in the same path and sing the same song, with the same mindset.


For example: If we use the words, shifting, moving, turning, substituting, transforming, returning, or similar ones, all of them has almost the same meaning, and can give the same idea, but if we all just used the same simple word change or changing, so there is a unity and there is no doubts of the meaning or targets, it would be nicer and easier even more quicker in achieving positive results. Taking into considerations that it has been used long before us by others who were dreaming of making a change too.


Again, it is repeating the same song over and over, it is repeated with different people, different voices different styles, different pace, different ages, different movements, but at the end we are all singing the same song with the same lyrics. This would make it stick longer with the audiences, would make them, or encourage them to repeat the same song, the same slogan that we all have or saying or adapting. (yes, we can change).


Let us all remember that we all have one goal that really unit us, those who work or write or talk or think, or dream in the field or in the path of making a change.

Let us remember that our goal is to gain more people who are welling to make the change, spread the change, think, behave, and talk positively in a different way that show the real change in every aspect of life around us all.


 we are trying to minimize and diminish all sorts of negativity, all types of violent and abuse. Benefit from all kinds of wastes. It is time for all of us to unite positively towards one target that can benefit us all at the end of the way.


We are not in a competition, who can say different or difficult or use unique words, we all have the same goal and walking in the same rough road, making a change in the human’s mindset is not an easy job at all, it takes a lot of time, talks, discussions, convincing and efforts. So let us do not waste our energy in being different.


Let us give the example by being the model example, we are all talking the same, acting the same, walking in the same direction, as we all have the same target and same goal, even though we are different in personalities, minds, cultures, background, learning fields, having different audiences too, but still there is one target or one goal that unites us as human beings, which we are trying to achieve or reach all of us together, which is making a positive honest change in every aspect and every field and every subject of life, in every mind that has drifted and went away from the right, good initial path that should have been on to start with.


Let us all start the positive simple change, everyone in his field, his job, his surroundings, his mind, and his attitude. Let us all keep the campaign and the momentum going, do not let it fade or vanish as it did before, when it was risen previously several times by others like us.

Let us all join the same club and let us all reach the same point. Let us all be the change. 

Let us all unite and sing the same song with the same words over and over.


Noran Zahran



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