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  • Noran Zahran

Reminder for a change

Just a reminder for a change

If you believe in the day of judgment, if you believe in absolute justice, if you believe that you are going to be judged for your personal talks, actions, and behaviors, and you are rewarded or punished individually for your personal thinking and acting doing.

just stop for a minute, pause, and do some logical thinking and ask yourself, what humanity means, what is equality means, what is the meaning of being fair, real fair.

what is your reaction if you happened to be in this situation and this status?

Humans are humans and have same rights everywhere regardless of ethnicity or religion or countries.

Do not support the invaders or the corrupted stealers without knowing. Search for the truth, search for the real definition of the words that you are saying or using, search for the root of the cause, not just the reactions, do not magnify stupidity, selfishness, and ignorance.

Do not follow others without knowing the pure reality behind it, remember you are responsible about everything you do personally, this is what matters, do not let others drive you to do the wrong or support the wrong bad doing, because they have personal benefits and personal gains out of it.

It was not ever the pure truth or good clear reasoning, there is always hidden agenda behind each act, or saying the controller or the one in power do or say.

Be fair and try to be real human after all, who feels the pain and suffering of other humans especially if you are the one who took their right to live peacefully and normally on their land, their houses, their country.

Moreover you keep aggressively squeezing and cornering them all the time, taking advantage of being strong and having supporters everywhere (where money and interests combine globally) versus them weak, helpless, ignorants and homeless.

Does it make logic or good sense to judge my reaction after being hurt for long by your repeated actions?

Physics rules says, for every action similar and equal opposite reaction. Let us search and go back tracing the first action that evolved the retaliation reaction, and still going on and on with the same pattern of aggressive actions then blaming and destroying the opposite reaction side.

Is this the right doing you should be doing under any common sense or any belief or any religion, or any fairness, any humanity meanings?

If you do not know, and refuse to know, or make real effort to know the root truth the core cause, from different resources, or even think logically and humanely, then, just keep silent and quiet, do not take sides, or do fake propaganda, it is better for everyone especially you yourself, the outsider, to remain silent 🤫. Search for the meaning or definition of talking without knowing.

October 13, 2023

Noran Zahran

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