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Purpose of Change, Blog #4

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Blog #4 purpose of changing:

Why we need to change personally first?

What are the benefits of the change?

We need to change, to end up the struggle or the fight that is going internally all the time or most of the time or sometimes, to feel the tranquility inside us, within our souls, to reach a deeper inner peace, that lead to all kind of satisfaction, real feelings of satisfaction inside our (your) heart, not just words pronounced by mouth.

Feeling the gratitude and blessings in everything you have and anything surrounding you, no matter how small or tiny it is.

All of this starts in the hearts, recent studies showed that hearts are the center of actions, hearts are the one in charge that controls the brains, not the opposite, your feelings are the one deciding your reactions, your words, your thoughts.

When you change your internal core, everything else can be changed easily afterwards.

We need to change because, the simple meaning of a change is to move.

Changing places is moving from one point to a second point.

We need to change, because everything around us moves and in a constance move, the Universe around us is moving, all the planets are moving, the skies are moving, everything you can imagine, or see, is moving it is endless movement.

Even us as human beings are moving and changing, whether we are aware or not, but the move is going on and on, we have changed too, through the years and generations, to the good and to the bad, some can feel it, notice it and are being aware of it. Others did not figure it out yet.

We have changed in the right direction or way, for advanced technology direction, we have achieved a big deal and moved long distances too.

(Some are good ones, and some are bad) we will discuss it later.

But we forgot to carry with us in this trip, our morals, our principals, our faith.

Some people did, but they were few, comparing with the majority who had dropped this heavy bag, these heavy responsibilities, this very hard commitments. They forgot completely about this safety bag, their self-guided bag, their GPS (Global Positioning System) their insurance bag, their retirement savings portfolio.

Why they have dropped it? to make their lives and their journey more comfortable, effortless, easier to manage, to reach faster and go higher. To think less, to be considerate and passionate about others far much less as well.

Then those who were still carrying that safety, security, bag, started asking and questioning themselves, why am I still carrying this heavy burden on my shoulders?

Those who dropped it have reached their destinations quicker and gained more fruits of success.

Then they decided to drop their bags too, as all the surrounding did before. They too forgot about the right direction, they decided to do the same by following the easy, quick path too. They decided to follow and join the majority.

This scenario has been spreading around through the years, and several generations, everywhere worldwide.

Then the big surprise came to face almost everyone, that we have reached the wrong destination.

We have been walking in the wrong direction, we are lost completely, we are so much far from where we should have reached by now.

Everyone is suffering in a different way, everyone is complaining about something, everyone is not happy at certain time, and so on. The Misery is increasing almost everyday everywhere to each person.

Then, they are trying to figure it out why? And how to go back? everyone is asking the question, where did I take the wrong turn?

How I picked or chose the wrong way?

When did I slipped in the road, or the map?

Who is responsible for my situation now?

Most of the people stays in the questioning phase longer than they should have and spend or lose so much time in this last question, sometimes forever, trying to find someone to blame, it is always the comfort zone for everyone, the easy way out to find someone else to blame, to count them responsible for our mistakes, our misguidance.

Forgetting, or denying that, I am the one to be blamed,

(وما أصابكم من مصيبة فبما كسبت أيديكم)

This is verse in Quran, saying whatever problem or disaster that you face, you have gained it through your act, your choices, and your behaviors, you are the one responsible for it.

It could be personal act, or group accumulated acts and behaviors. It is still from us as human beings.

It is so much easier to use one finger to point, instead of using the other three fingers, (remember the pointing fingers example)

Everyone is looking around him, and starting to ask the rest of the people who looked lost too, what happened, how did we end up here? What is the solution out now?

Then all of them reached a conclusion, and figured out they are out of their way and have dramatically lost.

What is the solution, or the answer they have all agreed on?

We need to make a change, huge change, we need to give up something, we need to sacrifice in order to do this change in direction, path, living, everything and everywhere.

Again, everyone is pointing to someone else to start, he does not want to be the first one to start losing. It is always the easy way out, again and again, over and over, will remain as well, (you do) not (me doing).

No one would like to volunteer as a starter, as the one in front of the raw to lead and guide, to take everyone back to the right, correct path.

Do you think you the reader now, can be one of those leaders to start and guide?

We need so many leaders to start doing this and lead, being in front of the changing line.

Not only one person or one leader can do it alone.

This is another question for you to answer till next week.

Thanks and Salam

Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022

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