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Making California more affordable

Make California better living and affordable

District office, 73 RD district

Dear Laurie Davies:

How are you doing, hope this email will cheer you up a little.

This is Noran Zahran, I am writing you back, my thoughts regarding how to make California more affordable and better place to live in, as you asked in your flier sent to me.

This is my thoughts to make this happen:

Breaking this circle starts in the housing section,

- Investors, and the State must invest in building new living renting places, that is affordable, rent is so high now due to lack of offered places, when they build more new places to live, they are creating new jobs in all fields, plus making the rent less costly, help reduce the stress on people, which help in reducing their illness and sickness, because of reducing the helpless situation they are living in now.

- When you create more new residential areas, it creates shops and restaurants too, which again create more jobs.

- The building construction model needs to change as well, what is going on right now is not good enough or productive on the long run, it costs too much as well. We need to use new system, bricks and cement model, but still build one story level or two, not high tall buildings, we spread horizontally not vertically.

- Then reducing the electronic procedures in every possible way that could be, so you can manage to create more jobs for real people.

- Using the online and electronic usage everywhere is becoming so dangerous now, what real people are going to do?

- Reduce the number of stores closing out, especially big chains, due to online service, again where is the real people employee would go or do?

- We need to create more jobs constantly, not reducing them.

- Reducing the production number of items that is not sold much, reducing the number and amount of unnecessary products that stay on shelves long, this can be done by reducing or combining items that can be combined. For example,

like the several varieties of tooth paste that is produced now, everyone needs healthy gum, needs white teeth, everyone needs fresh breath too. So, if they combine all those items in one tube, they will sell more of the product, and can manage to reduce the marketing and advertising budget, in order to try to sell more. Meantime help improving or saving the environment by reducing waste, reducing less paper boxes and plastic tubes. But we can have different sizes of tube usages, we can have different strengths for kids, youth, seniors and adults. This can go as well on the toothbrushes too, there are so many useless items out there, the good ones are the medium soft, which is used by majority of people, so why producing very soft and hard ones?

Again, this is waste of cost production and waste marketing money to sell them.

This can be applied on similar items, when you reduce the production quantity a little, you save more actually not as they thought the opposite.

- We need to concentrate on education too, build new schools, hire new teachers, make it easy for everyone to join community college and university, to do this we need to reduce the exaggerating cost of education for no good reason.

- It is very good to take care of special needs kids, but it is insane how the current situation is, or how it works, most of those kids are not improving or even getting any benefit of what is offered to them now, meaning when you assigned those kids to go to school and place them in class with normal kids, actually you are hurting both of them and not vice versa as they imagine now, for a very simple reason which is the level of understanding and level of absorbing the education materials or lessons.

- To correct this situation, either build them separate schools to enroll similar situations. Or leave them at home but send private teacher for those who has the ability to learn something.

- By doing this you are creating more jobs again and solving some of current situation.

- It is unbelievable that you stop school buses who use to drive all students for all schools’ level everywhere, because the is not enough budget, but meantime, you assigned buses to handicap children to go to school.

- This decision resulted in, all parents need to drive their kids to school to learn, this is costing more usage of gas, more traffic in street, more pollution, more confusion with schedules especially for both working parents.

- School buses needs to be smaller, to take less students, like between 25 to thirty students only, this will solve the problem of bad attitude for some which was done in big busses that use to carry more than 60 and up to 90 students at a time.

- This will create more jobs too, even though it is part time jobs, but still better than nothing, having an assistant in each bus with the driver, will help maintain discipline and organize it better.

- Reducing the bus size is going to increase number of drivers needed to drive them, it is safer to drive smaller bus too.

- Maybe it is a good idea that investors, whether big ones or maybe so many small ones can get together and create new bus company, that will collect all old buses, that are sitting there is all yards, then re shape and re manufacture them into smaller, more efficient driving by making all the top roof of the bus, solar sells to be charged and work by the sun most of the time, and have electric battery that works or charge by the moving engine. This will again reduce pollution, will have newer nicer buses, more jobs, more happy families, parents and students.

- Hire more people to do data entry, to enter people’s information online, and to be connected, this is how we can maximize the online benefit thing, this will reduce the misusing information or repeating unneeded steps in most fields. Technology should benefit and work for people not against them. you cannot replace people by machines, but you can make machines help people to do better, or save their lives in dangerous places, that needs machine to operate.

- Another thing that must be done, in farming sector, we need to increase farming in California, use products locally, I cannot understand why we are getting our vegetables from other states, or even importing them? California has a wide range of climate, and vast wide lands, we can use the electronic machines here to do the hard working in farming, hire more people to farm, reduce cost, get locally sufficient, then export the extra products, either to another state or outside the country.

- Another field or sector that can have a real good impact too, is in health care, I wrote this to Senator Bernie Sanders, a while ago, but they did not get what I meant correctly, so it was done in a different way.

- Any way my idea is to ask again investors and doctors investors to build private hospitals, that people can go to, to get their health problems solved or taking care of, they pay as they go or as needed, meaning, if I am sick now and have to go the hospital, I pay the visit cost, so if the Dr hourly rate is $200 for example, he is going to see me for 15 minutes, so I should pay $50 to be checked, then I pay for the medication he will write me. With no insurance involved in this process at all. This will help a lot of people; we need to break this current insurance system which is rubbing people and even not providing enough.

- To change the current system, this has to start first everywhere, not just in urgent care, they must take and accept cash money only, no insurance at all.

- This can be applied to most of the surgeries too, and most of the accidents.

- Insurance money and premiums that each family is paying monthly is getting crazy, and unbelievable too, still they have to pay out of pocket too after all these payments, how or from where?

- The current situation that is not accepting pre-existed conditions, where sick people can go or do? It does not make sense at all, I should go to Dr or hospitals when I discover or finds that I am sick, not before.

- Who is making the money or getting the benefit out of it now? The owners of the insurance companies, not the real people.

- To break the current situation, it must start with baby steps, to cover uninsured people, but with reasonable amount to pay, not asking them to pay $400 per visit, this is unbelievable, by all means. Do insurance companies now pay doctors $400 for each patient he sees when he has insurance? The answer is no, so why they ask uninsured to pay this amount of money?

This is some of my thoughts about changing and improving our life in California.

Please if you have some spare time, I would love to meet you in person to explain all this in more details, and to make sure that what I meant is what you got out of this writing, we are only using 7% of the communication skills by using words only. I am missing the 38% voice, and the 55% body language.

There are more tiny details into each pointe actually, but I do not want to be boring and write too much or long that can’t be read even after all.

Noran Zahran

Business management consultant



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