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Full acting Frame, Blog # 7

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Dear Reader,

Post# 7 Full frame

Last week, We have reached drawing the full picture, drew the whole main script lines of the seen, (you can add so many details as much as you want) did not want to use the word, the End, as changing is never ending or coming to an end, it is a continuous living process. It is endless.

We have covered all the required steps, starting by discovering our selves deep inside, through Observing and Questioning, then define, allocate, determine the weak points, took the Decision to do some changes, then Worked on the process of changing them, we are Convinced now that, this is our new lifestyle, we chose our path and destiny too.

We are experiencing more inner tranquility. We are having more energy and clearer mind.

We decided to move even to the next phase in life, in the changing process, which is changing the surrounding, in hope to change the world. Hoping that you have decided to be one of the leaders in front of the line to lead by example.

So, who is on board now?

Who is joining in this journey?

If you share the same dream, good luck on doing and achieving, will see you again when I am done writing the whole book, maybe we can have or make one team to work together then.

If you do not have the same vision, or target, thank you for your time reading and following.

Hope I have managed to add the missing piece in the puzzle 🧩 of changing, the starter point, to anyone who was looking for it or wondering where to start.

I will leave you with one recommendation please, Read, keep reading, continue reading. (Not watching videos, or clips) reading words, learn more through reading. It is science by the way, not just my words.

There is a difference between knowing and learning, you can know about something watching a video, but to learn about the same thing you need to read more and know more about it.

There is a lot of good books out there, all are talking about the same topics, same headlines, same concepts, but everyone is saying it different, according to his background, his way of saying, how he experienced it, or how and where to apply it.

If you find yourself thinking, or living daily with the thoughts they are saying, or writing, then you know that you have reached the same level, and welcome to the gang.

Otherwise, look for what is still missing for you in that common pattern that we share, and start working on it to add and master it to excel. There is always room for improvements for every and each one of us. Remember it is the endless move that we must keep moving with till the very last end.

-The power of now, written by

Eckhart Tolle

-Limitless, written by Jim Kwik

-Chakra healing, written by Margarita Alcantara

-Self Mastery through conscious autosuggestion, written by Emile Coue’

Are some good examples of what we should all say, act, believe, and execute on our daily life.

Good luck and thank you all again.

Noran Zahran

Aug, 22,22

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