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Why questioning method? Blog #3

Updated: Jul 18

Dear Readers

Blog# 3 why questioning method?

The first person who invented, or created the questioning method in discussion, and learning, was Socrates, the Greek philosopher, (399: 470 B.C)

It was, still, and will be very useful and successful method for learning.

Reasons for being successful?

To answer a question, means you need to listen carefully, comprehend, or understand the question, focus, or grab your attention, then think, try to find solutions, use your experiences, your knowledges, your imagination, to reply or answer correctly.

It helps you to focus more, or pay more attention to certain things, some details, discover, know, and define your internal strengths and your weak points, your knowledges, your capabilities, your imaginations, it tells who you are.

You apply and discover, the SWOT, process on you personally, your character, your personality, your mind, thoughts, and your way of thinking.

S= strength, you are good at…

W= weakness, you are not good

O= opportunities, how you can use your strengths in or at.

T= threats, you are afraid of.

As we use them in evaluating any business, or company, or organization.

Every and each person of us is individual organization, that needs re- evaluation, re- organization, re- planning, apply some changes to gain some new success.

We need to do this all the time continuously.

If you agree on the above, then you need to start answering the second set of last week questions again now.

2- Ask yourself, why am I doing this?

-Are you aware of doing it all the time?

-Are you planning to do it every time? Or you act naturally like this now?

-How long you have been doing it, or swinging like this? Or not aligned all of you in one direction?

-Do you feel inner comfort inside you?

-Do you sleep at night peacefully, and happily every night?

-Do you practice or do any kind of unfairness to anyone around you? Family, socially, or at work?

-How many hours of sleep you get every night?

-Did you considered, or calculated the consequences of all what you are doing now, or on the long term?

-Did you figure out the results at the end? End of everything including your personal end?

-How do you feel all the time, really happy inside you, or angry and dissatisfied?

-What are you afraid of, what is your biggest fear? What is holding you back.

-Why are you not taking the step to change? Or do the rights?

Does all of this bother you? Or you do not mind?

(Because, if you do not mind, it does not matter.)

Then your next step is going to be:

3- Pick one direction that you want to continue in, so you can make real long term personal progress, satisfaction, and self respect. Meaning, either right direction or left direction.

It has to be only one direction, no swinging anymore.

You want to be honest and known and remembered as honest, supportive, direct, cheerful, trusty person.

Being in the right direction, saying, acting, behaving, and thinking. Which by the way is the hard, rough direction, most of the time.

Or the opposite easy direction, most of the time, being left?

Or you want to be remembered by the swinging person, who change his words and actions according to situations, and benefits?

It is your call, your choice, yours only, you are the one who will decide, endure, and bare the consequences.

❇️One of Socrates quotes” the secret of successful change is in concentrating and focusing all your energy, all your efforts, all your thoughts on building the new, not fighting the old” ❇️

(إن الله لايغير ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم) الرعد أية ١١

This is a verse from Quran, saying, if you need to see and experience the change that you are asking from Allah, God, the creator, first you need to start changing yourself, if you start doing the change sincerely and, honestly, then you will have the support and guidance from him, Allah.

Think about it, choose one direction to start from now on, to act and work on it. So you can change. (Or start changing)

Ask yourself one more question please.

-what is my purpose in life? -What is my role that I was created for?

Everyone of us has a certain role by the way, could be part of other’s role, or different role, or completing role, at the end there is some kind of a role, you need to discover it and find it yourself. (We will discuss it later in details)

This is your homework till next Week,

Thanks, and Salam

Aug, 06, 2022

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