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  • Noran Zahran

Considering or Ending ?

Ending Tomorrow

Strange enough everyone is acting on ending tomorrow, literally, either by doing, or staying silent and doing nothing.

Can Every one stop for a minute and think deeper about this title in just pure math and logic please.

Think as normal sane human being, away from any Restrictions, Prejudice or even any Morales or Religions.

Just pure logic thinking for the sake of argument.

What if we all follow the trend that is going on now and has been growing aggressively for a while, do not know why? Or what is the real reason behind it? But, Anyways, let us move on with our presumptions here.

What if we all agreed on being guys, lesbians, queer or homosexual, and we all promote this idea or behavior, we all had accepted it and worked on growing it more and more, we succeeded to convert everyone to follow and do, not just locally but globally worldwide too.

Great we have made it, we have reached our goal and succeeded to spread it and have changed the whole world to follow, agree, and accept it, and not rejecting us or avoiding dealing with us, or eliminating us from society. Moreover, everyone is joining our club.

Horraaay, we did it, we accomplished hard difficult job, great job we did., we are so happy and proud of ourselves.

Ok, Great, now so what? What should be our next step? Where should we go? What should we look for now? What does the glob look like?

Actually, the real answer is nothing, zero, you did not do any good thing except destroying life. it is the real end, not your end, or their end, or our end, it is the end of humanity on earth in general, it is the real meaning for death of life, it is the ending day of living on earth in reality, it is the day of judgment that we are waiting for.

By promoting this kind of thinking we are accelerating this day, we are making it so fast to happen or come. We are increasing the speed of happening or reaching it.


All the people who study math, just simple math can answer this question.


Imagine that as mentioned that we have succeeded to convince everyone and convert everyone on the planet, so there is no normal marriage between man and a woman, there is no couple who is producing babies anymore, normal process of making babies. The question here is, then what happens?

Producing babies in labs as manufacturing materialistic products, that we can choose the gender, the skin color, the genes, and make it up to our demand and choice? This is another whole issue, but unfortunately it is all related.

Anyways for now let us go back, what will happen if the above happened?

We as human beings will decrease in numbers and vanish, how many years would it take to demolish human nature on earth?

Or we are going to depend on manufacturing human beings in labs, to continue producing or maintain human race? Which raise another question what is the real idea behind it or from it?

Just be aware it is a kind of human controlling, power controlling versus weakness, it is kind of elimination again, no matter how they are selling it to you, or showing the reasons for it, it is not true at all, the core, and the base of it, is pure controlling. if you see it clearly and honestly, converting humans to controllable machines, killing real feelings, real happiness, real excitement waiting for the unknown (babies) to arrive or happen. It is a lot more than you think actually.

Back to our assumption scenario;

Adding the rate of normal death, again as a normal life cycle process, no matter how hard you try to prevent it from happening, or delaying it with whatever process you are doing, it will occur and happen at the end. this is even without taking into consideration any natural disasters that could make it worst, where it kills more humans unexpectedly.

Nevertheless, we did not count or take the calculations of the variety of deadly diseases that has been produced because of this wrongdoing, and this abnormality life living style.

Try to make the math here and come with a conclusion answer when you add all these variables together.

We all have forgot, or act as we did forget, the real reason behind that interaction between a man and a woman, the real honest pure reason is; keeping the human being process or mankind on earth, through normal duplicating process, where each couple produce another couple to replace them and continue when the parents die.

This was the real reason, not the pleasure, or the feelings that we focused on and exaggerate doing it and showing it in public and on movies like what we have reached doing now, which is very disgusting by the way.

This relationship should be sacred, protected and hidden as well.

We came to the point that we forgot our goal, our mission, what we are trying to do or reach, we got completely lost by all meanings and in all ways too. Look around you to find the proof of it everywhere and in everything with almost everybody.

More than half of the people does not know why they are doing whatever they are doing? Or for what? They are just following others doing it. Because they have convinced them it is the fashion now, it is the up to date doing thing now, so you should follow and not kept behind.

Just stop now everyone please and think of this, think about these words, about what you are trying to do or accomplish in life? Your life, not any other’s life, just think about this for a while away from any kind of influencing matters or people, just yourself, and for yourself only.

Another question I have been asking for a while now without having any proper real answer to it, the question for the guy people, or who believe in them and promoting their acting’s, if you are really convinced with what you are doing and loving it, why are you trying to live normal human life? trying to construct a family? Why are you after or about that feeling and that experience of raising kids and having kids? Why are trying to feel and live in the parent shoe? Why are you adopting kids and convincing yourself that you are making good action and you are a good normal human being trying to save those kids who do not have house or parent to raise them?

Is not this dual personality and dual judgment, insanity if you would say?

You are the one who started killing those children, you are the one who wants this process to come to an end, you are the one who is promoting the idea, marketing it everywhere, pouring money to make everything works for it, with one hand, and with the other hand you are looking for kids to raise and live as normal human beings family life is. Do not you think this is weird and strange?

You should be ashamed of yourself, you should seek medical, psychiatric help, to straighten your feelings and your thinking. You must choose one way or the other, you cannot combine the two of them together in the same place, same house, same body, simply because they contradict each other. They cannot go hand in hand or grow in harmony ever.

By the way all bad habits and diseases can be treated, cured and get rid of by changing your attitude; through discipline, obeying, listening to reasoning, believing and having faith.

Another question to be answered, why were the followers of this doing destroyed and erased completely in the beginning of early life, or long time ago, since profit Ibrahim time, or era? Why there was a profit dedicated to only convince and stop those people from this bad doing? It is mentioned in all religions, everyone knows the story, did you ever think about the real reason? Why is it forbidden? Why is it prohibited to do or act in all ways and all the time? In all religions? Regardless of what is your belief.

Because of this reason, keeping normal healthy human being producing process going on as long as it could be, healthy with all its meanings and ways, looking, thinking, feelings, behaving, everything related to normal humanity.

That is why it is forbidden to do or act; this is why they were erased from earth, so they do not spread this sickness and wrongdoing around them and accelerate ending life on earth.

Yes it is some kind of sickness, and illness, that should be treated and dig for the real cause behind this habit, it is bad doing habit that needs to be handled and treated, it is never being a natural thing or normal creation, as they claim and say, it is like the saying all humans were born equally and have the same right, then mankind themselves who act on separating and classifying them according to different reasons and personal gains at the end.

Please, please, just think about this for a minute and ask your self where are you going?

What are you trying to accomplish?

What is the goal here?

Where is the target that you are aiming to reach or do?

What are the real benefits or gains out of this?

Have real honest answers to all those questions, then act accordingly.

And by the way, whether you believe in it, or you do not believe it at all, or simi believer, it is true and real and exist. what is that?

The day of judgment is real, Death is real, the Only real Creator is real and exist, just look around you everywhere, all the time, you can find the prove and the answer.

Everyone is dying, no one is living for ever or even can stop this process ever, no matter what you do as scientist or magicians, or any kind of this imaginary creations , you cannot stop the death process, never happened, and will never happen, it does not matter how hard you try or how high you can reach, imaging or doing, or delaying, you all will come to the same exact end, death, and dying.

Which no one can stop or prevent, is the reality that you must consider and act upon it.

What if it is true? what if there were a real One and Only Creator for this universe? what if Allah, God is there?

In real life and when you do successful project or good visibility study, you put some probabilities, for what if, what if this happened, the problems that might come up or face you during the process, and you put different scenarios and different actions to over come it and solve it.

I want you to consider your life, your existence on this earth as one of those successful projects that you need to accomplish doing and to last longer as well.

Put some probability percentage out there, let us say at least 10%, from your point of view if you are not a believer in anything at all, just consider the consequences of those 10% if the day of judgment is true, what if there is real creator to the earth, sky, the whole planets, and everything we know and do or not knowing still.

What if the myth of the saying, mother earth did it, is wrong, or the universe has come to us through a revolutionary explosion through the years, and all these nonsenses. taking into consideration that other solid fact I mentioned earlier which is death.

Combine all, and ask yourself this question, do I have really good answer to say or defend when I stand in front of him or by his hands to judge me? evaluating my actions, saying, and doing?

Are you really, willing to take and bare the results of what you are doing here on earth now to be counted for you later on? And to be hold accountable for?

What if Heaven is true, and Hell is true?

Where do you want to be and remain staying?

The answer is your choice by the way, where do you want to end or go.

This is the real reason behind creating mankind, to pick and choose.

Yes Sir, Yes Mam, it is the choice you make, it is the decision you take willingly, either knowing what you are doing, or ignoring the reason behind your act, whether you are a follower to others without thinking, or you are the one initiating the act. Whether it is good or bad act.

Believe me it is your act and your choice after all, so pick and choose for yourself where do you want to end, Heaven or Hell.?

Look for the current least minimum passing percentage to avoid failing any exam, that humans had set to the passing point or having a degree, the acceptance level of the definition good to do, or good enough to join, what is the average passing human being evaluation right now is? How high did they request you to have or gain? How high did they raise the benchmark standard level for passing or accepting?

Then imagine, what would be the acceptance percentage, or benchmark for Allah heaven would be? Or could be?

Good luck in and with your decision.

Noran F. Zahran

June, 18,2023

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