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Change second step, Blog #2

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Blog # 2

Dear readers:

2- Now, if you want to change, if you decided to take an action, if you decided to stop complaining about others, or blaming others and look for your personal responsibility and your personal role and share in the problem, or certain situation. To take responsibility, to be accountable.

What would you do first? Or how to do it?

The easiest quickest guaranteed short way is, through asking questions.

After you define and choose your weak points that needs to be changed, which you discovered through questioning and observing closely and honestly, yourself.

You go to the second step or second category of questions now, using the words how and why?

Why am I doing this?

How to fix this?

When you put the problem in a clear, precise question, it is so much easier to answer it and work on it. When you know the reasoning behind the act, it helps in understanding and in the changing process too.

To recap what we have agreed on so far before moving forward.

Every one of us will watch himself or herself for a week, to discover their real internal actions, thoughts, words, and faith, whether it matches and align with their outside daily world activities or not?

each one defines their points needs to be changed.

Each one asks the question, why am I doing this? Knowing the reason is very important too, it is essential in the process.

Look for the how to fix step, try to do it by yourself first, see how far you can go lonely, with your personal means, or resources, reading, listening, asking for advice, going back to your faith rules, or maybe use all of them, whatever that can help you in your case.

After you ran out of personal resources, go seek for help outside you, attend courses, take new classes, see social or medical counseling, or maybe you need professional medical Psychiatric in the severe cases.

You need to put defined plan, set a goal to reach, in order to feel the change or the success.

Here are some questions to help you start your journey for a change.

2- Ask yourself, why am I doing this?

Are you aware of doing it all the time?

Are you planning to do it every time? Or you act naturally like this now?

How long you have been doing it, or swinging like this? Or not aligned all of you in one direction?

Do you feel inner comfort inside you?

Do you sleep at night peacefully, and happily every night?

How many hours of sleep you get every night?

Did you considered, or calculated the consequences of all what you are doing now, or on the long term?

Did you figure out the results at the end? End of everything including your personal end?

Do you feel really happy inside you, or angry and dissatisfied?

Does all of this bother you? Or you do not mind?

Because, if you do not mind, it does not matter.

You need to answer those questions till(until) next Tuesday this is your homework, Thanks and Salam.

August, 02,2022

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