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  • Noran Zahran

Change in working hours



Working hours in almost all industries needs to be re considered and changed, especially the medical fields. Why?


Because it has an impact on the individual’s family life, personal life, social life, and most importantly on his or her work itself. It has negative impact on all of them with no doubts and after trying it in real life, everyone who has experienced it, is complaining a lot about it, but still can’t change it as they are not able to do so or in a position to act.


This what happens when you promote sick minded people to the decision-making position, most probably that person who started it, did not have any family, social, or personal life to live and practice normally or in a normal healthy way.


What kind of life do you live or have after working for straight 12 hours per day every day? How do you feel after finishing your shift? How stressed are you at the end of the day?

How long will it take to drive back going home? What kind of activities are expected that you can do or share after this long day? A lot more of these kinds of questions are there and existing already.


The impact is so negative and meaningless at the same time too, why are we doing this to ourselves? Big question that needs an answer!


Going back to the medical field in particular. When you ask or order or set the hours for the doctors, nurses, the lab technicians, helpers, and all the workers in general, to work for 12 hours a day, what kind of productivity are you looking for? Or expecting to get from them at the end of the day? Day after day.


Those people are supposed to take difficult decisions most of the time, have very high level of concentration to do accurate job decisions and performance, this is the main purpose of their job functioning or description criteria, but no one is helping this to happen neither to improve as well.

 How can you trust their performance, or their judgments, or their thinking after all?

They are normal human beings after all, humans are not designed to work like machines.


Go back and look for the numbers of errors, bad judgments, accidents, wrongdoing, and see yourself, did it increased or decreased after applying this long working hours?

How many accidents some of them has faced sleeping while driving going back home after long exhausted working shift, that caused him or her their life, ending up that we lost them, not only their parent, or family, but we all as a society, and community lost one of our qualified, well educated, and performing to serve us, we all will experience the loss.

And feel the impact in the short and long term, and for longtime too.


This person has spent long time and hours, studying, learning, and knowing to reach this level of doing or performing, to help others and provide real good service to everyone.

Has come over al lot of hard exams, tests, competitions, and spend a lot of money on doing this, most of the time, they have to borrow it all or some or the majority of it.

When losing them you have helped in not getting this money back by any means, they are not around to work and pay it back, so the whole system or whole society has double loss now, qualified, good, productive person, plus increasing the lost debts that will never get paid ever, and will be considered as bad, burned debts.


 So instead of helping them to do more by encouraging them, to maximize the benefit of what they have gained or learned, we are making sure to put all the obstacles and all the difficulties in their path, to make it even harder and more challenging, as they did not have enough going through all the hard stages in their life to reach this position.


Plus, all the challenges they are facing on a daily basis to help the sick people, to figure out the real cause of what they are going through, to decide the perfect diagnose to their case, this is not always easy to find or discover, especially if it is complicated and there is a lot of things involved in the situation.

 Giving them the right medication, either writing it being a doctor or providing it being a nurse, or doing surgeries being a surgeon.


The residents work more than 15 fifteen hours per day, (residents are who have finished the doctorate, or nursing degree as academic study, passed all required tests and exams, then they want to specialize in certain field, so they have to do more clinical practice plus more academic studies.) those graduate doctors are set to or asked to work more than 15 hours a day.

This is a real true story by the way, search it or look it up if you do not believe me, one of those doctors complaint and went filing a complaint case towards his reputable university hospital that he was accepted in to complete his residency program, claimed  regarding the long working hours, guess what happened? The chief of the program fired him, he was dismissed from the program and the whole university, he was thrown out because he spoke complaining about his human rights for normal or acceptable working hours, he did this after being sleeping while driving for couple of times, he was afraid if it happened again he might lose his life,  as others before him had, so the result was he lost his chance to fulfill his dream job and finish the career he has for his future.

This actually happened here in the USA, since then everyone is so scare to complain or say anything at all, nothing changed because of the fear all of them are having or might face and could have the same end as their colleague who lost a lot for speaking up and complaining, it was a legal case afterwards of course, and who knows what happened to that doctor after it, I did not have the chance to do more follow ups on it unfortunately.


Another question here to be answered and considered, how many cases has happened because of the wrongdoing?

Who is paying the price? The actual price?

These insurance claims who is paying them, or covering them to start with? The real provider?


The answer Is; you sir, mam, and me.


Do you think they are paying the claims out of their pockets? No, they are paying it out of the premium we are all paying, which will lead to the increase prices of everything in the medical field; service, medication, hospital bills, X rays, equipment, everything you name it. Adding the long wait time to be scheduled or to have an appointment.


Any normal person to perform well or reach his or her optimum performance needs to sleep 8 hours daily and eat good balanced food. (Which is not happening now in this case).

This has been proven by all scientists and been well known by our grand parents and ancestors who use to say go to sleep and have enough rest, or go to sleep to change your mood, to relief your stress, to think better, or find the solution to whatever you are going through.


The question here is if the scientists and doctors know this fact quite well and it has been there for ages, why is this wrong, bad decision of extending the work hours has been placed to start with, more over still existing too, and expanding in all other fields as well.?


 As it is not enough to damage the medical field and everyone who is involved dealing with, which is almost everyone, no we have to make sure that we are damaging all the others who managed to escape from the dealing or interacting with the medical field, at least for now, so we are expanding to all the rest of professions too.

Nowadays it is spreading in all positions and all fields, Why? Big question mark?


Another big question that needs an answer again, why are you squeezing one person to do all this work, while there is so many out there are looking for jobs and trying to get in almost in all fields of work?


Why are they making it harder and sometimes impossible to enter or join the medical field positions in particular, and the rest professions in general?

Why are they working on increasing the unemployment numbers everywhere?

What do you expect those people will do, or go, or how they are going to live.


One of the many hidden answers, that not most of the people knowing or considering,

is the bad character, sick minded, greedy person, or people who are in charge of making these kinds of decisions. To save more money of hiring more people and paying them more, if one person can do the work of two, meanwhile he or she is getting paid almost one salary or maybe we can increase it one third to let him do it, why not to go for it then.?

It never reaches the double, as they are trying to convince you, even if they gave you double the salary, the question raising itself here, Does it worth it?


On all levels, and with everyone involved in this process.? Please re -consider it again and again, over and over.

Re arrange your priorities and your spendings, re-evaluate the real kind of life you want to live or have. Do not let them bluff you and steal your best years of life, before you realize it and regret it when it is too late.


You work harder, getting more money that you can’t enjoy spending in a good way or live as quality life as it should be done, most of the time. Having more does not mean that you are enjoying more. Does not mean that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing in a real good level of performance. You are running fast all the time trying to catch something.


You are supposed to spend real time with your kids, talk to them, teach them, interact with them, getting to know them, not throwing them money to buy whatever they want, while you are not there to share or watch or even sometime enjoy whatever is going in their lives.


We all need to make a real stop here, everyone, every individual, every decision maker, and start changing this wrongdoing in all aspects of life. Everyone can start in his field or in his company, or organization.


My suggestion is to make the working shift last for only 6 six hours, this including all breaks and lunch time.

Make it even easier, if a person or an employee wants to work straight for 5 five hours and go have lunch with his family, let him do that, do not say no, it is by the law that you must take an hour lunch break after working for five hours. This good and great, so let him or her work for 5 five straight hours and go home.


- Hire more people, help more people to put food on their tables and provide decent living conditions to their families.

- Reduce the inflation rate that is going on and on up around all over the places all over the world.

- Extend the working day to eighteen hours work, with three six hours shift each.

- Increase the real quality productivity in all industries and all fields.

- Facilitate people’s lives and experience.

- Eliminate so many problems that is costing you more money to solve in the current situation.

- Let everyone have or experience the meaning of a real quality life.

- Allow everyone to have actual social meaningful life, face to face in person, not virtual.


The benefits are endless honestly, let us start doing or taking this step, each one of us within his capacity of decisions, do not help expanding the wrongdoing by approving it or applying it, because everyone is doing so, or they are convincing you it is the best thing to do to accomplish more. Or even because some like it the way it is.


This is not true at all, everyone knows this, even if you manage to make more money in one place, actually you are losing double or even triple of it and sometimes more in all other places, which will keep us all rotating in this vicious circle that has to come to a breaking point, before it is too late honestly.

We could reach a point that could not be fixed or changed if we insist of continuing and applying this kind of nonsense, wrong, bad decisions.


Thank you for considering all this, for trying to act on it and do any Change, positive productive Change.

Hope I have managed to explain it in a simple meaningful way.


Noran F Zahran

July 19, 2023

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