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  • Noran Zahran

Change in Aviation route flights

Change in Aviation industry


This is a proposal idea to make some positive changes in the aviation industry, which will make a lot of positive differences in many fields in the industry and out of it too. Please share it to reach who are in- charge of the decision-making changes.


All flights that are 15 hours or less duration, flying time, should be direct flights only.


To and from all destinations, all airports, all countries, all airlines. Internationally and specifically domestically (Saving time).

(Time = Money, making passengers, ‘your customers’ happy, this is making money. (Customer Satisfaction).

All this wasted time of your passengers reflects on their work quality and productivity as well by the way in their fields.


Who is happy about how it is flying domestically now? Why I must change planes and have transit time to fly from CA to OH, or NC, or TX? Or any other state? Current direct ones are very limited and very few, in time choice and frequency too, more expensive. Which does not make sense either. Is it logic to waste almost a day to fly 4 hours trip?


What is the sense behind it? There is a lot of demand, a lot of people who can fill direct flights all the time to any destination around the clock.



  Employees and workers will be happier because of the less Hussle, less trouble, less work, less baggage loss, still same salaries.

   this is saving money. (Employees satisfaction).


Saving the environment by using less fuel and less gas burning without actual need to it (saving money and making money).


Reducing the lifetime cycle of the airplane parts, infra structure of airports runways pavements, that needs to be changed or replaced or fixed by certain flying operating time (saving money).


All this saved money airlines can use to buy more new airplanes, build new manufacturing factories to expand, hire more people (solving the unemployment’s ratio that is increasing all the time). Creating more jobs, making more money.

This is the real solution, not using more AI (artificial intelligence) to replace more human’s jobs.


Isn’t this what it is about after all? Making more money and more profits? 

So why can’t we do it in a positive, constructive, progressive, satisfied way that can serve everyone.


Hope the decision makers in the aviation industry will re consider changing this current situation for the good of everyone in all fields.

Maybe they need to change their project manager, or consultant, or financial manager, or marketing manager, or scheduling team, or maybe replacing all of them and everyone who is currently responsible or sharing this strategy or ideas about how to do it this way.


Thanks for sharing.

Noran Zahran

July,19, 2023

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