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Dedicated to nurturing personal growth and enhancing business performance, we offer a comprehensive range of resources, including a transformative book, personalized courses, and bespoke consultancy services. Learn the art of communication, a key factor for success in life, and embark on a journey towards abundant success.

Introducing Noran Zahran

Noran Zahran is an Egyptian-born woman, a mother of two, a son and a daughter, an elder sister to two ladies. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, majoring in Business Administration from Ain Shams University. Noran has been actively involved in various fields of work since the age of twenty-one.

She has worked and engaged in diverse areas, primarily related to all types of human's professional transactions and interactions. Noran has traveled, visited, and worked in several Arab, European, Asian, and American countries, gaining invaluable experiences and knowledge.

During her time in the United States, where she obtained her citizenship in the  early 1990s, Noran acquired multiple international and local certifications.

Human resources occupational skills, Management and leadership, Global trade, Lean Six Sigma,  project management, Critical thinking, certified teacher, Teaching Business English, and more,  Allah, the Almighty, has blessed her with the ability to integrate and condense all these certifications and decades of fieldwork experience into a comprehensive and concise methodology. This methodology is used for teaching and reforming not only organizations and companies but also individuals. It is the most essential concept in her perception. To make real positive change around her.

If every individual learns how to manage his personal life and communicate effectively in a constructive way with others, then they can become successful managers, leaders, employees, and innovative contributors. This is how you can feel and see the good change you are asking for or want to see around you.

Noran has successfully applied this approach to numerous individuals in various fields, proving their success and surpassing expectations. This inspired her to write the book "Change and  Art of Communication," the first part, making the fundamental scientific material accessible to everyone aiming to achieve positive outcomes in their field or life in general.

Now, Noran strives to disseminate this mindset and methodology to the best of her abilities, both in Egypt, the Arab world, and beyond. She especially aims to reach recent graduates, as they are the pillars and architects of the future. Moreover, reaching those interested individuals who are trying to achieve a high level of success, bringing real, constructive, and fruitful development and change in their lives.

May Allah guide us all to provide beneficial, constructive, and fruitful work that we will be proud of when we meet Him. Thank you.

Noran Fouad Zahran


Our Mission

We aim to help every individual who has chosen to change and make a concrete decision. We are here to motivate, support, and assist those who want to change and take action.

Our Vision

Like a snowball effect, we believe in the individual's power to inspire and create change. We start with one, then a few, and finally reach many. This is how we envision creating our Utopia, a dream status of existence.

My Books

Learn to master communication skills with our book. Understand the steps you need to take and make necessary changes in your lifestyle or worldview to taste abundant success. It requires practice, determination, patience, a clear vision, awareness, and a defined target. Start your journey to success with us today.

eBook Version is Available

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Personalized Courses for Holistic Development

Tailored Communication Skills Courses

Our courses offer a live explanation of the book in detail. We provide tailor-made sessions to explain more, give more details, show how to apply the teachings to each person's case. Each session is 2 hours long, covering all essential and basic topics of business management.

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Bespoke Business Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy solutions for businesses, offering services to companies in need. We assess your current state to define the real root of any issues and offer in-person training for your employees. We work with you to create a service package that suits your needs.

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